Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to spend time with Summit Photography?

That is the easiest question!  Contact us!  Fill out the contact information from our site and we will get back with you to schedule your event, whether it's a WEDDING or a Family gathering.


How do I secure my session/event?

20% of package price due at booking, non-refundable - balance of payment due 2 weeks before wedding, non-refundable

Do you travel and is there a fee?

Absolutely!  We are located in McCall, Idaho which is a great destination wedding location, so we don't have to charge you a travel fee when you come to us.  If you are having your wedding in the Boise or the Treasure Valley, we will travel to your event at no charge!    WANT to TAKE US WITH YOU outside if the areas listed above?  Sounds like fun, let's talk!


Now my session is over, what is the next step?
We so enjoyed getting to know you, now the work begins for us.  Sit back and relax while we work on all of the details of your gallery.


Do I pick the photos Summit edits or does Summit build my gallery?
At Summit Photography, we believe our job is to make your job as easy as possible.  We will shift thru all of the photos we took during your session and pick the most dynamic.  Everything you see in your gallery is for your enjoyment.  No picking of which one you will buy, you get all of them.  


How big can I print?

All of our high resolution files are set at 36 inches on the long side of your photo.  If your trying to print a candid, your files are set to have 14 inches on the long side of your photo.


High Resolution images, jpeg files - largest print size 24x36 (pixel size 7200x10800), 300 dpi

Candid images, jpeg files - largest print size 8x10 (2400x3000), 300 dpi

Digital copy: must be downloaded from the online gallery provided



Do I have to print with Summit Photography?

No, you are welcome to download your photos and print at your favorite 3rd party vendor.  We do not guarantee print colors when you print with 3rd party vendors or on your home printer.


How do I download my photos:

If this downloading has been allowed, follow the steps below to download the images.

Go to your gallery.

  1. Press the Select Photos button.
  2. Download button should appear click on it to download images.
  3. Choose to Download entire gallery or Select photos to download.


Downloading Multiple Photos from the Site

When downloading multiple images at once, the images will need to be bundled together into one or more zip files. You can choose one of these two options to download those zip files.

  • Download Option A - You can download the zip files now by clicking on the link that is displayed after requesting the download. Please note that this requires a fast and stable internet connection especially for larger downloads.
  • Download Option B - Enter you email address in the field provided then click Request. This allows the system to bundle the files together in the background. You will then receive an email once this is completed. The email will contain a link that you can use to download the images. This option is best for large downloads as it allows for faster and more stable downloading.

Enter Email Address to Download

Once you've received the email, click on the link (or links) to download the images.
Download Link in Email

Please download the images within seven days as the download link (or links) will expire at that time. If the seven days has passed, you'll need to visit the site again and re-start the download process.

Once downloaded, the zip file will need to be decompressed or unzipped before the images can be viewed or shared.

To un-zip or decompress a zip file

On a Mac:

Find the downloaded file and double-click on the zip file

A new folder with the same name will be created with all of the contents inside it.


On a PC: 

Drag the .zip attachment to the desktop. Once the file is on the desktop, you can double- or right-click to open it.

Double-click the zipped file to see its contents. When prompted, drag the files out of the window to the desired location or click Extract All. When you click Extract All, the files are unzipped in the same location as the original file unless you specify a different one in the Select a Destination window.

Right-click the zipped file and select Extract All. By default, files are extracted to the location as the original zipped file. Use the Select a Destination window to save the files somewhere else.